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Inspiration Toolworks LLC is no longer selling tools. Instead, our tools are now available through Zooziis!.

Ebony Star Flexi-Strips

Ebony Star Formica is great for Dobsonian altitude bearings... Until you try to glue it to a small bearing. I developed this product when making my 6" 4.5 truss Dobsonian. which has 7.5" diameter altitude bearings.

These are pre-cut strips of Ebony Star Formica, but they have been thinned to to be more flexible. Normaly, formica is .045"-.050" thick. I reduce that to .020"-.025". This allows them to be cemented to a bearing as small as 3" in diameter.

Flexi-strips are 24" long and are available in widths of 3/8", 1/2" and 3/4". If your bearings are 7.5" or less, (and you are covering 180 degrees) then you could get two bearings out of one strip. I recommend that you buy an "oops" strip as a backup.

Customization Available: If needed, I can customize the length and width, but there is an extra charge for this and it will require at least a two week lead time. Please e-mail for a quote.

Availability: Out of stock.

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